Terms & Conditions

PP Payroll Solutions – Terms of Engagement:

As a Company PP Payroll can provide you with the following services:

For this to happen we need you as the Client, to provide us with all the relevant payroll information requested, in good time, to enable the payroll to be processed and in the case of any queries, respond to requests quickly so as not to delay processing of the payroll.

Contract Term

PP Payroll shall provide you with a quotation to undertake your payroll for the current tax year to the next 5th April or for the part year to that date as deemed appropriate. Each year prior to the end of the current tax year PP Payroll Solutions Ltd will supply you with an ongoing quotation for the forth coming year.  It is your responsibility to advise us of any changes or cancellations which must be made in writing please a month prior to the end of the current tax year.

Meanwhile you may give us notice of termination with immediate effect at any time during the tax year and we shall simply charge an appropriate proportion of the remaining annual fee.


Our annual fees will be billed in installments at appropriate agreed intervals. All fees are due within seven days of the invoice date. We reserve the right to terminate or suspend acting if payment of fees are unduly delayed.

We price any additional services having regard to their value, including the time spent by us, the urgency of the work, and the levels of skill and responsibility involved.

We also reserve the right to make additional charges where we are required to re-work the payroll as a result of errors in the information provided or where changes have been requested following the payroll run or preparation of Annual Returns or other forms or submissions.


Should you wish to discuss any of the above please contact Victoria Rimington on 01993 851102 and we will be happy to assist.

Tax Disputes

Much tax and VAT law is uncertain in its impact. Differing views of the tax implications of the same transaction may tenably be held. Where we have made a claim for relief, or reached any other conclusion or made any decision or given any advice in the course of acting as your agent for tax purposes, and that claim, decision or advice was reasonably made or given having regard to the circumstances and information available at the time and the then prevailing treatment generally understood to be acceptable, we shall not be held liable for any additional tax, interest or penalties or other costs howsoever arising, which became payable as a result of an Inland Revenue enquiry or investigation or any other circumstance where the Revenue or any other party's view is found to prevail or is conceded.

Employee Protection

It is an express term of this engagement that no liability to you is inferred or admitted by employees of the practice in respect of the duties carried out in the course of their employment and that you will not make or pursue any claim against any employees of the practice acknowledging that all rights and remedies for any wrongs lie against PP Payroll Solutions Ltd and not against any Director or employee.